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Diese Veranstaltungen werden von ProClim zur Verfügung gestellt. 

Veranstaltungen zu Klima, globalem Wandel und Energie

Nachhaltige Entwicklung: Eine Frage der Wissenschaft
Auf der Konferenz „Nachhaltige Entwicklung: Eine Frage der Wissenschaft. Impulse und Innovationen für die Deutsche Nachhaltigkeitsstrategie“ wird die wpn2030 unter anderem ihre aktuellen Arbeitsergebnisse präsentieren und mit Akteuren aus Politik, Wissenschaft, Wirtschaft und Zivilgesellschaft diskutieren.
05.12.2019 00:00
Climate Change and Health – Risks, Adaptation, Resilience and Co-Benefits
Climate change will affect global health in many different ways. Adaptation strategies will be sorely needed to prevent major negative health consequences in countries in most need and mitigation measures will result in substantial health co-benefits.
05.12.2019 00:00
WCRP Climate Science Week
The World Climate Research Programme (WCRP) is celebrating 40 years of international climate science. To mark this milestone, the WCRP Climate Science Week will be held as part of the American Geophysical Union (AGU) Fall Meeting in San Francisco. The WCRP Climate Science Week will include a 40th Anniversary Symposium, Science Sessions, Town Halls, Union Session, and an Early Career Researcher Workshop. Bild: WCRP
07.12.2019 00:00
Seminar series: Climate and Environmental Physics (CEP)
Mondays at 16:15 in room B5, Sidlerstrasse 5, 3012 Bern
23.09.2019 00:00
Yearly meeting of the Biomedical Photonics Network Meeting
We invite all those working in the area of biomedical photonics (medicine, biology, physics, computer science, engineering and industry) to attend the yearly meeting of the Biomedical Photonics Network (bmpn). The meeting will provide an excellent opportunity for the participants (young researchers are particularly welcome) to present their research and build personal contacts. The meeting language is English.
10.12.2019 00:00
Energy Day @ ETH 2019
Während dieser ganztägigen Veranstaltung werden Wissenschaftlerinnen und Wissenschaftler, Studierende, Kantonsschülerinnen und Kantonsschüler zusammen mit Gästen Herausforderungen und Chancen diskutieren, um das Energiesystem bis 2050 klimaneutral zu gestalten.
10.12.2019 00:00
Plant Response to Environment across Scales
Recent developments in genomics, phenomics and enviromics have allowed scientists to extract a wealth of new information. The symposium will highlight new strategies of assessing plant response to stress from gene to field and across ecosystem level. Bild: Zürich-Basel Plant Science Center
11.12.2019 00:00
COP 25
The Conference of the Parties (COP) is the supreme decision-making body of the Convention. The Parties meet annually to review progress in the implementation of the Convention, while other instruments underpinning its implementation are proposed, assessed and approved. Bild: COP 25
02.12.2019 00:00
Colloquia & Seminars: Institute for Atmospheric and Climate Science (ETHZ)
Mondays at 16:15 in seminar room CAB G 11 at ETHZ
19.09.2019 00:00
Colloquium in Climatology, Climate Impact and Remote Sensing
Wednesday at 14:15 in seminar room 324, Mittelstrasse 43
02.10.2019 00:00

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