Key messages

Climate change will greatly affect water availability over the course of the year. The Hydro-CH2018 hydrological scenarios show that, at certain times and in certain regions, this vital resource will become so scarce or so warm that humans will have to curb their activities and nature will suffer. With climate change mitigation, the changes will be much smaller, meaning that such mitigation is worth the effort. Systematic protection of waters as well as careful planning and management will enable the challenges to be dealt with more effectively.

Changes in runoff

Snow and glaciers will lose importance in Switzerland’s water balance.

Water shortages in summer

Drought in summer and autumn will lead to more water scarcity in some regions.
Growing hazard potential

Growing hazard potential

Natural hazards such as high­water levels, flooding and landslides will increase.
Aquatic life at risk

Aquatic life at risk

The rise in water temperatures will threaten biodiversity in and around water bodies.


Adjusting usage, protecting water bodies

For water bodies to be able to adapt to climate change, their natural functions must be strengthened.

Last modification 03.05.2021

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