What is the Pilot programme “Adaptation to climate change”?

The climate scenarios show that the climate will continue to change. Adapting to the effects of climate change is becoming increasingly important. To support the cantons, regions and municipalities in dealing with the new challenges, the FOEN launched the pilot programme "Adaptation to Climate Change". Participants include the Federal Office for Civil Protection FOCP, Swiss Federal Office of Energy SFOE, Federal Office of Public Health FOPH, Federal Office for Agriculture FOAG, Federal Food Safety and Veterinary Office FSVO, Federal Office of Meteorology and Climatology MeteoSwiss, Federal Office for Spatial Development ARE and Federal Office for Housing FOH.

The pilot programme aims to develop innovative and exemplary projects for adaptation to climate change in cantons, regions and municipalities and to implement them with the help of the Confederation’s financial support. The projects are intended to help reduce local climate risks, seize any opportunities and increase adaptability. The sensitivity of those affected should be increased for adaptation and cooperation between
stakeholders promoted.

Second programme phase 2018 - 2022

With a new project call, the pilot programme is entering its second phase. After the two-stage project call in 2018, the selected projects will be
implemented from 2019 to 2021. In the final 2022 phase, the results will be summarized and disseminated.

The current project call was primarily aimed at cantons, regions, cities
and municipalities. They were invited to submit expressions of interest.
Research institutions, companies, associations and other suitable institutions can also act as promoters if the affected cantons or municipalities are involved.

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Klimaszenarien Schweiz - eine regionale Übersicht (PDF, 26 MB, 28.05.2014)Übersicht verschiedener Szenarien zum zukünftigen Klima in den Regionen Jura, Mittelland, Voralpen, Alpen, Alpensüdseite und Agglomerationen. MeteoSchweiz, im Auftrag des BAFU.

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