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Events related to Climate, Global Change and Energy

Save the date: “Water resources and alpine rivers: adaptation to the challenges of climate change”
Organised within the framework of the French Presidency of the Alpine Convention, the conference deals with current issues relating to adaptation to climate change. Image: Isabelle Morissot
18.02.2020 00:00
World Biodiversity Forum
First of its kind, the World Bio­di­ver­si­ty Fo­rum will bring to­geth­er lead­ing re­searchers, ear­ly ca­reer re­searchers, prac­ti­tion­ers, rep­re­sen­ta­tives from dif­fer­ent sec­tors, de­ci­sion-mak­ers and so­ci­etal ac­tors to have a con­ver­sa­tion on the kind of fu­ture we want (and/or do not want) for bio­di­ver­si­ty. Image: World Biodiversity Forum
23.02.2020 00:00
Decarb Cities Conference
An increasing share of humans live in cities. This trend requires no-pollution solutions to maintain local air quality, reduce the effect of heat islands and provide the fair share of cities in the fight against climate change. Decarb Cities forum will address this challenge and will provide solutions to cities, the main actors for the energy transition. Image: Decarb Cities
24.02.2020 00:00
WinWind Conference 2020
The conference will bring together participants from the research community, policy makers, businesses, and civil society, including experts from the WinWind consortium. Taking place in Berlin, the programme will also draw on the experience gained from the German Energiewende.
27.02.2020 00:00
Nachhaltigkeit und Umweltschutz beim Heizen im Glarnerland
Vortrag von Urs Fischli, Fachstelle Energie, Glarus Neben dem Verkehr ist auch das Heizen ein wichtiger Faktor in der aktuellen Klimadebatte und auch ein relevantes Thema im neuen Energiegesetz des Kantons Glarus – der Vortrag hilft offene Fragen zu klären Image: NGG
04.03.2020 00:00
World Sustainable Energy Days 2020
The clean energy transition is taking on a new dynamic in Europe and worldwide. "Energy efficiency first" and "global leadership in renewables" are at the centre of this transformation process. This requires strong policies, competitive businesses, technology innovation, investments and the involvement of the citizens. By addressing these topics and more, the annual World Sustainable Energy Days attract over 660 participants from over 50 countries each year. Image: WSED
04.03.2020 00:00
URCC Conference 2020
Organised in the framework of RESCCUE, Europe’s first large-scale innovation and urban resilience project, this event aims to bring together different actors from academia, administrations, businesses and local communities to discuss multiple aspects of urban resilience and climate change. Image: URCC
09.03.2020 00:00
International Renewable Energy Storage Conference (IRES 2020)
IRES provides a coherent overview of energy storage technologies that can enable the global transition towards the decarbonisation of economies through ubiquitous renewable energy systems. The conference program encompasses all storage technologies in their context, and welcomes case studies, applications, country scenarios, trend analyses, and barriers to be overcome for the transition process.
10.03.2020 00:00
Workshop for Matchmaking and Conference on Climate Change Communication in the Alps
Listening, storytelling and matchmaking: let’s accelerate the transition towards climate neutral and resilient Alps
11.03.2020 00:00
10. Jahrestagung Innovationsforum Energie
Als unabhängige Plattform für Entscheider aus Versorgungsunternehmen, Industrie, Forschung und Politik zeigt das Innovationsforum Energie die aktuellen Trends im Energiesektor auf und gibt einen umfassenden und profunden Überblick zu den strategischen und technischen Herausforderungen im Energiemarkt der Zukunft. Den Teilnehmenden werden neue Ideen und innovative Lösungen für die anstehenden Aufgaben vorgestellt. Image: Innovationsforum Energie
19.03.2020 00:00

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