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Eventi sul clima, i cambiamenti globali ed energia

Wie kann der (Bio-)Landbau Wegweiser aus der Energiekrise sein?
Mit der Industriellen Landwirtschaft wurde man abhängig von nicht erneuerbaren Energien. Was sind die Alternativen? An der Tagung wird über Effizienz, weniger Energieeinsatz und über das woher der Energie in der Landwirtschaft gesprochen.
25.01.2020 00:00
Ecosystems under pressure: Agriculture, forestry and conservation under global change
Do you want to increase your knowledge in the fields of agriculture, forestry and conservation biology under global change? Do you want to develop your scientific network and to discuss your research with other PhD students and scientists in a friendly atmosphere on top of a mountain? Immagine: Stephan Bader, MeteoSchweiz
26.01.2020 00:00
21. European Energy Transition Conference
Over the 3 days nearly 3,500 participants from the economic and political worlds and the civil society will meet up at the Palais des Congrès (Convention Centre). There they will discuss and share their experience of local energy transition around a programme made up of over a hundred events– plenary sessions, sharing and co-creation workshops and site visits. Immagine: EETC 2020
28.01.2020 00:00
2020 Darcy Lecture: Killer Beetles, Naked Trees, and Dirty Water: Understanding Hydrology and Water Quality Impacts from the Mountain Pine Beetle Infestation in the Rocky Mountain West
This lecture by Prof. Reed Maxwell will present research from a six-year project that brought together hydrologists, environmental engineers, social scientists and education and outreach specialists to study the broad water quality, quantity and social impacts of the MPB epidemic. Immagine: Creative Commons
29.01.2020 00:00
Treibstoffe aus erneuerbaren Energien – Dekarbonisierung von Strassenverkehr, Luft- und Schifffahrt
An der diesjährigen Veranstaltung im Rahmen der ETH-Tagungsreihe «Aspekte der individuellen Mobilität» werden synthetische, mit erneuerbaren Energien hergestellte Treibstoffe (H2, Methan, Benzin, Diesel, Kerosin) thematisiert, über welche CO2-Emissionen im Verkehr ohne Investitionen in die Verteillogistik massgeblich reduziert werden können. Immagine: A. Della Bella
30.01.2020 00:00
2020 Darcy Lecture: Hydrology from the bottom up: how groundwater shapes the water cycle
This lecture by Prof. Reed Maxwell will explore the linkages between groundwater and the rest of the hydrologic cycle. It will discuss some fundamental relationships that describe groundwater's interconnections with land surface fluxes and how recent advances in our understanding these feedbacks can help us more holistically manage our watersheds. Immagine: M. Bolliger
30.01.2020 00:00
Political Economy an Power Mapping of climate policy: Nationally and in the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC)
Recent elections have indicated positive trends on climate policy. In October 2019, one day apart from each other, on opposite ends of the globe we saw major pro-climate election shifts. In Switzerland, the Green Party saw a gain in support unparalleled in Swiss politics in 100 years, while in Canada an election billed as a referendum on climate action saw two-thirds of voters confirm Canada’s carbon tax, just a decade after resounding defeats for parties supporting pricing. Immagine: unsplash
30.01.2020 00:00
3. Tagung Sozialwissenschaften und Praxis im Dialog
Die Tagung bringt Vertreterinnen und Vertreter aus Städten, Kantonen, Energieversorgungsunternehmen und aus der Forschung ins Gespräch. Thematische Schwerpunkte sind Wärmetransformation, Eigenverbrauch, Flexibilisierung der Nachfrage, Elektromobilität, Ernährung und Transformation der Lebensstile.
30.01.2020 00:00
2020 Darcy Lecture: Hydrology in the supercomputing age: how computational advances have revolutionized our field, and what big data and massively parallel simulations mean for the future of hydrologic discovery
This lecture by Prof. Reed Maxwell will discuss how computational advances are shaping our simulation capabilities, changing the questions that we are able to ask as scientist, and changing how we educate our students. Immagine: pixabay
31.01.2020 00:00
Internationaler C2C Congress 2020
Der Internationale C2C Congress gewährt Zugang zu einem spannenden Mix aus Praxis- und Fachwissen aus erster Hand. Renommierte Akteur*innen aus Wirtschaft, Wissenschaft, Bildung, Politik und Gesellschaft bringen Teilnehmer auf den aktuellsten Stand. Immagine: C2C NGO
31.01.2020 00:00

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