Overview of climate indicators in CH2018

The CH2018 Climate Change Scenarios are the basis for planning climate adaptation measures. Users receive specific information on likely future climate development in Switzerland, in its geographical regions, in its cantons and for individual stations in the form of text, graphics and data.

This document aims to provide an overview of the definitions used in CH2018 because the climate indicators can be defined in different ways and the set of indicators covered in CH2018 has been expanded since these climate scenarios were published. This is to avoid confusion and inconsistencies and to provide an overview of all available indicators.


Further information

Swiss Climate Change Scenarios

Future development of the climate in Switzerland until the middle and end of the century. Content: Key messages, Facts and figures, Understanding Climate Change Scenarios, CH2018 technical report, CH2018 brochure, Expert statements.

CH2018 web atlas

Based on your selection criteria, you are provided with a wide range of graphics and the associated data. Various climate parameters are available for measuring stations, regions, cantons or the whole of Switzerland.

Climate change in the Swiss cantons

Information on climate change and climate adaption in the Swiss cantons.

Icon Webatlas

Hydro-CH2018 web atlas

According to your selection criteria you get a wealth of graphics and the corresponding data. Available are future discharge data at different stations all over Switzerland.

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