Risks and opportunities of climate change

As a basis for adaptation to climate change, the Federal Office for the Environment has assessed climate-related risks and opportunities throughout Switzerland. The associated synthesis report (FOEN 2017) provides guidance on the further development of the Federal Council's adaptation strategy and enables it to focus efforts more specifically on those areas where the greatest benefit is to be expected.

In eight case studies in the cantons of Aargau, Basel-Stadt, Fribourg, Geneva, Graubünden, Jura, Ticino and Uri, what consequences can be expected if the global rise in greenhouse gas emissions over the next few decades continues to the same extent as before were examined. The results were transposed to the six major regions of the Jura, Swiss Plateau, Foothills of the Alps, Alps, South of the Alps as well as the large urban zones.

The case studies were supplemented with further findings from scientific literature as well as additional expert knowledge. On this basis, the priority climate-related risks and opportunities for our country could be determined. This will allow the Confederation, cantons and municipalities to set priorities for their adaptation activities and make adaptation to climate change in Switzerland targeted and effective.

The important results of the risk analysis are summarised under the heading 'Sectors' and 'Major regions'.

Risks and opportunities in the sectors of adaptation:

Risks and opportunities in the large regions of Switzerland:

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