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NCCS-Impacts Programme

In the NCCS programme «Decision Support for Dealing with Climate Change in Switzerland: a cross-sectoral approach» («NCCS-Impacts»), actionable climate services for the environment, economy and society will be developed from 2022 to 2025.

Pilot programme

Teaser Abschluss Pilotprogramm Phase 2

Pilot programme "Adaptation to climate change"

The climate will continue to change over the coming decades and we must therefore adapt to new conditions. With this in mind, the federal government runs the pilot programme 'Adaptation to climate change'.

Current and future forest condition

New online tools visualise the present and future state of Swiss forests

How are forests doing today, and how will they cope with climate change in 15 or 40 years from now – in my town or my region? Forest managers and owners, decision-makers, teachers and otherwise interested citizens can find comprehensive answers via FORTE and FORTE Future, the new one-stop online tools developed by the Swiss Federal Research Institute WSL as part of NCCS. 




Swiss Climate Change Scenarios

Future development of the climate in Switzerland until the middle and end of the century

Gewässerperle Areuabach

Hydro-CH2018 hydrological scenarios

Effects of climate change on Swiss water bodies


Our climate services in the form of facts and figures from a range of subject areas.

Pilot programme 'Adaptation to climate change'

Find out more about the many pilot projects that help cantons and municipalities in particular to adapt to the changing climate in concrete terms.

Bild des Rhonegletschers, der mit Tüchern abgedeckt und durch eine Brücke zugänglich gemacht ist.

NCCS-Impacts Programme

Programme for the development of decision support services for dealing with cross-sectoral impacts of climate change

Climate change in the Swiss cantons

Information on climate change and climate adaption in the Swiss cantons.


Events for specialists

Events on climate, compiled by our partner ProClim.

Events calendar

The National Centre for Climate Services NCCS


All about the inception, history and people behind the NCCS.

Climate services

Services provided by government and academia for the decision makers on climate-related issues.

Mandate and goals

What is the mission of the NCCS?


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