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Climate change in Switzerland

New publication: Climate change in Switzerland - Indicators of driving forces, impact and response

New publication: Climate change in Switzerland - Indicators of driving forces, impact and response

How is Switzerland affected by climate change? The report «Climate change in Switzerland» provides answers to this question and many others. Based on recent data, it describes driving forces, climate change, impacts and response and highlights how they relate to each other.

Koni Steffen

WSL Director Koni Steffen tragically died in accident

The NCCS is deeply saddened by the death of Koni Steffen, Director of WSL and member of the NCCS Board of Directors. As one of the founding fathers of the NCCS, Koni Steffen was always strongly committed to our network and contributed his great knowledge and humor. We all miss him very much.

Condolences for Koni Steffen

Swiss waters

Emme at Birne, July 2018

Event "Swiss waters in climate change"

The NCCS focus area "Hydro-CH2018: Hydrological principles of climate change" will present its results and products to the public on March 16, 2021. The event will take place together with the 4th NCCS Forum and the 12th Symposium on Adaptation to Climate Change.

Climate change abroad

New publication: Climate change abroad – risks and opportunities for Switzerland

As an internationally networked country, Switzerland is indirectly affected by the consequences of climate change abroad. The FOEN report "Climate change abroad - risks and opportunities for Switzerland" shows how global climate change is affecting Switzerland.

Civil protection

NCCS priority theme "climate change and civil protection"

Heavy precipitation events will become more frequent and intensive in future. The report on the study about the influence of heavy precipitation on the operations of Schutz und Rettung Zürich is now available in German and French.




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