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Current and future forest condition

New online tools visualise the present and future state of Swiss forests

16.12.2021 - How are forests doing today, and how will they cope with climate change in 15 or 40 years from now – in my town or my region? Forest managers and owners, decision-makers, teachers and otherwise interested citizens can find comprehensive answers via FORTE and FORTE Future, the new one-stop online tools developed by the Swiss Federal Research Institute WSL as part of NCCS. 

Climate scenarios for Swiss cantons

Climate scenarios for the Swiss cantons

16.11.2021 - The CH2018 climate scenarios show how global climate change will unfold in Switzerland. This information is now also available at cantonal level in fact sheets, which present the current climate as well as expected  future changes for each canton. The corresponding figures are also provided in the expanded CH2018 web atlas. The cantonal scenarios are highly relevant for the implementation of measures for climate protection and adaptation to climate change at the cantonal level.


Joint Call for Projects of the programmes SWEET and NCCS-Impacts

A new call on the topic of «Critical Infrastructures, Climate Change, and Resilience of the Swiss Energy System » has been launched on 9 September 2021 by the Swiss Federal Office of Energy via its SWEET programme. The call is a joint activity of the SWEET programme together with the new programme «NCCS-Impacts».

Hail climatology

Hail Climatology Switzerland – Publication of the new hail hazard map

On 7 May 2021, the project partners of the public-private partnership project «Hail Climatology Switzerland» will introduce the new foundation for the assessment of hail hazard in Switzerland. You can register for the virtual event and two in-depth discussions on the event website.

Swiss Water Bodies & Climate Change

Swiss Water Bodies in a Changing Climate

March 16, 2021 - There will be no general shortage, but water may be scarce depending on the region and time of year – conversely, heavier rainfall will lead to more local flooding. These and many more are the findings of the Hydro-CH2018 “Hydrological Principles of Climate Change”.




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