Adaptation to climate change

The climate will continue to change in the future. Switzerland is committed to reducing greenhouse gas emissions to the extent possible. Because global warming can be limited to 2° C at best, however, adaptation to the effects of climate changes is becoming increasingly important. Information on the adaptation activities of the Confederation, cantons and municipalities is bundled here.

Federal Council strategy for adaptation to climate change in Switzerland

Climate change is having an effect on the environment, society and the economy in Switzerland. The Federal Council’s strategy sets out the framework for a coordinated approach by the Federal Offices in adapting to climate change. The adaptation strategy will be implemented with an action plan for the period 2020–25.

Pilot programme

Impulses for a climate-adapted Switzerland


Information on climate change and climate adaption in the Swiss cantons.


Adapting to climate change involves a variety of activities and actors in different sectors. The spectrum ranges from national research programs to specific on-site measures.

Cities and municipalities

Projects for adaptation to climate change in cities and municipalities

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