Adaptation to climate change

The climate will continue to change in the future. Switzerland is committed to reducing greenhouse gas emissions to the extent possible. Because global warming can be limited to 2° C at best, however, adaptation to the effects of climate changes is becoming increasingly important. Information on the adaptation activities of the Confederation, cantons and municipalities is bundled here.

Measures to adapt to these effects are already needed today and will become increasingly important in the future. The Federal Council's strategy sets the framework for the coordinated action of the federal agencies in the adaptation to climate change.

Pilot programme Adaptation to climate change

Find out more about the many pilot projects that help cantons and municipalities in particular to adapt to the changing climate in concrete terms.


Individual cantons are already actively engaged in aspects of adaptation to climate change and have developed basic documents or strategies.


Adapting to climate change involves a variety of activities and actors in different sectors. The spectrum ranges from national research programs to specific on-site measures.

Cities and municipalities

Like all of Central Europe, Switzerland is one of the world's regions in which heat levels have increased the most over the last few decades. Over eighty percent of the Swiss population lived in urban areas in 2015, which corresponds to nearly seven million people. Adaptation plays an important role here.

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