Climate programme training and communication

The climate programme supplements and strengthens the measures of the CO2 Act and promotes climate protection. It focuses on vocational training and providing information and consulting for energy cities and municipalities.

In close cooperation with the Swiss Federal Office of Energy (SFOE), the Federal Office for the Environment (FOEN) has developed a concept for a climate programme that supports and complements other activities such as the SwissEnergy programme. The Federal Council took note of the climate programme at the end of August 2016; its implementation starts from the year 2017.

With respect to training, the programme primarily aims at qualifying skilled workers in occupations that have a high degree of importance for the climate. These professionals should know and apply technologies, processes, and behaviour patterns that reduce emissions of greenhouse gases or cope with the effects of climate change. Climate-relevant occupations can be found in the fields of mobility, logistics, agriculture, food, trade, energy, construction, settlement planning and, last but not least, management.

With respect to communication, the programme aims to support municipalities with advice and information services to enable them to fulfil their role with respect to climate issues and, by raising public awareness, make an important contribution to sensitizing the population, associations and companies to climate- and energy-relevant issues and showing them possibilities for action.

Central to the success of the programme is a partnership with vocational-training stakeholders, the cantons, energy cities, municipalities and other interested parties. In addition, the coordination of energy and climate issues is important in many areas

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