Key messages

The CH2018 Climate Change Scenarios show where and how climate change affects Switzerland and what global climate change mitigation efforts can do about it. The expected consequences of unchecked climate change for Switzerland include more hot days, dry summers, heavy precipitation and winters with little snow. However, global efforts to mitigate climate change could curb future climate change.

The CH2018 Climate Change Scenarios in detail

Facts and figures

Get an Swiss-wide overview of the possible changes in temperature, precipitation and various climate indicators with and without climate change mitigation.

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CH2018 web atlas

Based on your selection criteria, you are provided with a wide range of graphics and the associated data. Various climate parameters are available for measuring stations, regions, cantons or the whole of Switzerland.

CH2018 datasets

A number of datasets of the CH2018 scenarios are available for use in impact research and practical applications. Find here detailed information about these datasets, instructions for data access, as well as terms and conditions

CH2018 technical report

The technical report describes the methods and findings of the Climate Change Scenarios in detail. It is intended for researchers and is available here in English.

CH2018 brochure

You can order the printed brochure or download the electronic version of the brochure here.

Expert statements

Listen to four of our CH2018 experts regarding questions on the climate scenarios.

Understanding Climate Change Scenarios

The Climate Scenarios are based on the latest computer simulations. Here you will find more information on how the Climate Scenarios were generated and how to interpret them.

Climate change in the Swiss cantons

Information on climate change and climate adaption in the Swiss cantons.

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Hydro-CH2018 hydrological scenarios

Effects of climate change on Swiss water bodies