CH2018 web atlas

Explore the results of CH2018 yourself with the CH2018 web atlas! The web atlas provides access to graphics and data as described on the Climate Scenarios web pages, but includes all regions and locations, all seasons, all future time periods, and all emission scenarios for which calculations have been made. Seven different graphs highlight different aspects of climate scenarios and give you quick access to the information you are interested in.

Citation, terms and conditions

NCCS (Pub.) 2018: CH2018 – Climate Scenarios for Switzerland. National Centre for Climate Services, Zurich.

The CH2018 scenario data and CH2018 web atlas graphics are provided under the CC BY 4.0 license.

Among others, this means that users are allowed to share (copy and redistribute) and adapt (remix, transform, and build upon for any purpose, even commercially) the data and graphics, under the condition that proper reference is given to the CH2018 climate change scenarios (see citation above). Please note also that all material is provided without any warranties and guarantees.

Altitude levels

Regionally averaged climate indicators in altitude ranges

Climate charts

Mean yearly courses of climate variables at stations


Climate indicators and variables on a 2-km-grid

Changes by emission scenario

Changes of regionally averaged climate variables by emission scenario

Indicators at stations

Climate indicators at stations

Seasonal changes

Seasonal changes of regionally averaged climate indicators

Cantonal maps

Cantonal climate indicators and variables on a 2-km-grid

Time series

Temporal evolution of regionally averaged climate variables

Further information

Overview of climate indicators in CH2018

Da die verwendeten Klimaindikatoren unterschiedlich definiert werden können und das abgedeckte Set an Indikatoren seit Veröffentlichung der CH2018 Klimaszenarien erweitert wurde, soll dieses Dokument eine Übersicht über die in CH2018 verwendeten Definitionen liefern.

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