Options for action

Major urban regions and rural areas face different, partly similar, spatial challenges due to climate change. In both cases, the central contribution of spatial planning to adaptation is to develop robust and sturdy spatial structures.

Fields of action and the Confederation’s goals

As a general principle, existing instruments should be used in spatial development for adaptation to climate change and existing policies used even more consistently. The following objectives were derived for the fields of action.

Quality of life in cities and major urban regions

  • New respectively secured and upgraded open spaces and green infrastructure reduce heat island effects.
  • The transfer of heat is ensured by avoiding the sealing of floors.
  • The optimal alignment of the transport axes ensures a good ventilation of cities and settlements.
  • A higher quality of living space is ensured by shading and greening.


  • Adaptation is supported, in particular the appreciation of summer tourism and diversification of offers while at the same time sparing use of resources.
  • Conflicts between protection and use in the expansion and new development of ski resorts at higher altitudes are addressed.
  • The offers are sustainable and environmentally friendly.

Natural hazards

  • A risk-based view of natural hazards is introduced into the planning phase.
  • Hazard mapping includes future hazardous situations.
  • Endangered areas are not zoned or built up, the damage potential is limited.
  • Space for watercourses is secured.

Energy / water

  • A resource-saving spatial structure is ensured.
  • An integral regional energy plan is developed.
  • The planning of infrastructures for the production of renewable energy is coordinated and compatible with landscape protection.
  • An integrated water management is developed and practised.

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