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Saas Valley case study: Adaptation to climate change in the mountain area

For the Saas Valley (VS), the case study (2010-2011) analysed the possible impacts of climate change, assessed the need for action and derived adaptation options. The tourism subproject did not only deal with der was not only concerned with snow safety and risks to the tourist infrastructure, but also with new potentials in summer and winter tourism. Supported by: municipalities of the Saas Valley, Canton of Valais, Mountain Water Network, Schweizer Berghilfe, the Swiss Insurance Association, WWF Schweiz and the Swiss Hotel Association

Exit from winter tourism and reorientation on Monte Tamaro

On Monte Tamaro (TI), because the insufficient snow situation led to financial difficulties, in 2003 the decision was made to exit from winter tourism. Instead, offers were geared to the summer, spring and fall seasons. Supported by: Monte Tamaro SA, Lugano Turismo. Similar activities: A reorientation also took place at Stockhornbahn (BE). There, ski operations were discontinued in 2003 and instead initiated snowshoeing, winter hiking and avalanche training courses.

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