Options for action

Changes in extreme temperatures have a direct impact on human health. More hot days and heat waves are a burden, especially for the elderly and those in need of care. In addition, higher temperatures favour the occurrence of infectious diseases in humans and animals.

Fields of action and the Confederation’s goals

Vector-transmitted infectious diseases

  • Professional competencies are optimally networked at national and international level. The relevant information is available to all involved stakeholders.
  • New risks are integrated into existing strategies and structures to protect against communicable diseases and animal diseases; coordination of the approach between FOPH an BLV.
  • Risk groups and the public are sensitized.

Impacts of heat

  • A risk-appropriate reaction to heat waves is guaranteed throughout Switzerland.
  • Target group-specific basic offer of information is guaranteed.
  • The population, architects/planning specialists as well as animal owners are sensitized.

Infectious diseases transmitted via food and water

  • The current high level of safety is guaranteed.
  • Potentially affected companies and the public are sensitized to new risks.

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