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National research programme Sustainable water use (NFP 61)

NFP 61 (2008-2013) develops bases for a sustainable handling of water resources. The 16 projects examine the impacts of climate and climatic and societal changes, identify risks and develop strategies for an integrated water management. Some projects deal with the topic of water and biodiversity.

Saas Valley case study: Adaptation to climate change in mountain areas

For the Saas Valley (VS), the case study (2010-2011) analysed the possible impacts of climate change, assessed the need for action and conducted adjustment options. The biodiversity subproject dealt with the changes of ecosystems and ecosystem services. Supported by: municipalities of the Saas Valley, Canton of Valais, Mountain Water Network, Schweizer Berghilfe, the Swiss Insurance Association, WWF Schweiz and the Swiss Hotel Association

Pilot programme Adaptation to climate change

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