Options for action

Climate change can have various impacts on biodiversity. These range from shifts in the distribution areas of plant and animal species to the immigration of new species to the extinction of indigenous species. This can lead to the impairment, or even failure, of ecosystem services.

Fields of action and the Confederation’s goals

Gene pool

  • Important (sub) populations in selected climate-sensitive species are known.
  • The genetic drift in small (sub) populations of selected species is monitored.
  • The loss of genetic diversity is reduced.

Habitats and species

  • Priority habitats and species affected by climate change and those to be conserved are known; the evaluation is constantly adapted and communicated in accordance with changing conditions.
  • Necessary conservation and support measures are coordinated internationally, with other sectors and with the cantons.
  • Immediate first measures are taken for those habitats and species that are currently known to be particularly affected severely (aquatic and wetland habitats, alpine habitats).

Spread of invasive alien species

  • Invasive alien species with high loss potential are recognized at an early stage.
  • Prevention and control measures are coordinated internationally and taken at an early stage across sectors in order to prevent uncontrolled spread.
  • Trade and population are sensitised to the problem and remain informed. 

Biotope network / networking

  • Switzerland has an ecological infrastructure of protected and interconnected areas that covers a wide range of climate-related migratory and dispersion movements.
  • This national network system is internationally embedded and national nationally determined by spatial planning (sectoral plan biodiversity).

Ecosystem services

  • Multifunctional ecosystem services are recognized in all sectors and taken into account in making decisions.
  • The resilience of ecosystems and possible change in ecosystem services are monitored.
  • National decisions on climate-related use adjustments in other sectoral policies will also include considerations on the impact on global biodiversity and ecosystem services.


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