Options for action

Climate change has a direct and indirect impact on tourism. Particularly affected are destinations in the mountain areas. For tourism, the changes involve both opportunities and risks. Central to adaptation are preparation of proposals, hazard minimization and communication.

Fields of action and the Confederation’s goals

Adaptation to climate change is one of the most important challenges for Switzerland as a tourism location. It should, in particular, help Switzerland to remain an attractive and successful tourism destination over the long term and to exploit its extraordinary potential as a travel destination. Due to the three fields of action identified, the following adaptation goals are paramount:

Preparation of proposals

  • Promotion of innovation and diversification (esp. promotion of summer and all-year tourism), intensification of research.
  • Safety and further development of snow sports.

Hazard minimization

  • Reinforcing security by means of technical and biological measures.
  • Risk reduction through organisational measures.


  • Clear positioning and targeted marketing.
  • Public awareness.

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