Climate Programme - training and communications

The Climate Programme supplements and strengthens the measures of the CO2 Act and promotes climate protection. It focuses on vocational training for skilled workers and providing information and consulting for cities and communes.

In the phase of the programme that begins in 2021, the Climate Programme will be supporting skilled workers and communes as they work to achieve Switzerland's extremely challenging net-zero target by 2050. It will also contribute to the other targets set under the Paris Agreement, specifically adaptation to climate change and climate-aligned financial flows.

Where training is concerned, the Programme furthers climate-related decision-making skills in vocational training for managers and skilled workers. In practical terms, this means providing basic information and additional aids, supporting knowledge transfer in training and in practice, and promoting training courses.

With respect to communications, the Programme provides information and consulting for municipal authorities (city and commune) so that they are able to make even better use of their scope for action on climate policy, and fulfil their role model function even more effectively. The Programme also supports official communications on climate protection.

Cities and municipalities

Central to the success of the Programme are partnerships with vocational training and higher education stakeholders, the cantons, cities, communes and private-sector entities. Synergies between energy and climate-related issues must also be harnessed.

The Climate Programme rests on a strategy drawn up jointly by the Federal Offices for the Environment and of Energy, and is coordinated closely with the SwissEnergy action programme. Following Federal Council approval in 2016, the Programme was launched in 2017, and continues to develop the services it offers according to need.

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