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Natural hazards have always been of great importance in Switzerland. The risks posed by natural hazards natural hazards are increased, above all, by the increase in infrastructure values and the expansion of settlements into danger areas. Due to climatechange, however, the frequency and intensity of extreme events could also increase. The lead for measures for adaptation to climate change in the sector natural hazards, unless otherwise noted, is taken by the Federal Office for the Environment FOEN (prevention measures) and the Federal Office for Civil Protection FOCP (event management).

Measures of the federal agencies: natural hazards (PDF, 129 kB, 09.04.2014)Adaptation to climate change in Switzerland - action plan 2014–2019, Annex A2 (in german)

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Federal Office for Civil Protection FOCP
Civil Protection Policy

Monbijoustrasse 51A
3003 Bern

Federal Office for the Environment FOEN
Hazard Prevention Division

Worblentalstrasse 68
3063 Ittigen


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Priority themes: Climate Change and Civil Protection

Extreme climatic events and natural hazard processes: how representative scenarios for extreme climatic events can improve civil protection measures.