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Site-specific basics for forest management in climate change

With the help of climate-friendly forest management, it is possible to take account of which tree species are best suited for future climatic conditions at which location, and which species may even interact positively. Adapted, climate-friendly forest management can help ensure that forest ecosystems continue to provide important ecosystem services in the future. 

Research programme: Forest and climate change

The research programme launched by the FOEN and The Swiss Federal Institute for Forest, Snow and Landscape Research WSL examines the impacts of climate change on the forest and is intended to provide decision-making tools for adaptation. In the first
phase of the programme (2009-2011), 25 projects were carried out. In the second phase (2012-2015), remaining knowledge gaps were filled, risk assessment was improved, and adaptation strategies presented. 

Project MANFRED: Management Strategies to Adapt Alpine Space Forests to Climate Change Risks

The EU-Project MANFRED (2009-2012) aims at the adapted management of forests and the conservation of forest services in the Alpine region under changed climatic conditions. To this end, risk hotspots are identified, and appropriate management strategies developed. Swiss partners: FOEN, The Swiss Federal Institute for Forest, Snow and Landscape Research WSL 

Projekt ALP FFIRS: Alpine Forest Fire Warning System

The EU-Project ALP FFIRS (2009-2012) aims to reduce the risk of forest fires in the Alps. An Alpine-wide warning system is being developed to aid decision-making by the authorities and fire brigades. Swiss partners: The Swiss Federal Institute for Forest, Snow and Landscape Research WSL, Canton of Ticino, Ticino Fire Brigade

Case study Saas Valley: Adaptation to climate change in the mountain area

The case study (2010-2011) analysed the possible effects of climate change for the Saas Valley (VS), assessed the need for action and derived adaptation options. The biodiversity subproject dealt inter alia with the forest and forest services. Supported by: municipalities of the Saas Valley, Canton of Wallis, Mountain Water Network, Schweizer Berghilfe, the Swiss Insurance Association, WWF Schweiz and the Swiss Hotel Association

Pilot programme adaptation to climate change

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Priority themes: Forest functions and climate change

Climate change affects the forest functions, forest health, the distribution of tree species and the forest as carbon sink. Recommendations for adapted forest management are being developed.