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Climate change affects the distribution areas of species, the local characteristics of natural habitats and the functioning of ecosystems. In addition, adaptation activities in other sectors can have a positive and/or negative impact on biodiversity.

The Action Plan for the Swiss Biodiversity Strategy (SBS) provides for a comprehensive package of measures that will improve the state of biodiversity in Switzerland in the long term. The implementation of these measures will also make a significant contribution to making most species and habitats in Switzerland sufficiently resilient to the expected changes in a weak climate change scenario.

The measures in the present action plan build upon the actions of the SBS action plan and focus exclusively on the additional challenges of the impact of a strong climate change scenario.

It is therefore essential for the adaptation of the biodiversity management sector to implement the SBS action plan. The impact of its implementation, notably on measures to achieve the strategic objectives relating to environmental infrastructure, conservation status of national priority species and various sectors of sustainable use, would have a negative effect on the adaptability of species and habitats to climate change. They would also require additional measures that have not yet been taken into account in the action plan for adaptation to climate change in Switzerland.

The lead for implementing measures for adaptation to climate change in the sector of biodiversity management is taken by the Federal Office for the Environment FOEN.

Measures of the federal agencies: biodiversity management (PDF, 101 kB, 04.02.2015)Adaptation to climate change in Switzerland - 2014–2019 Action plan, Annex A7 (in german)

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