Mandate and goals

As a federal network, the NCCS coordinates the development, bundling and dissemination of climate services. The Centre functions as an interface between producers and users, and promotes dialogue and the collaborative, user-centred development of climate services.


The NCCS was established based on a resolution by the Federal Council on “Adaptation to Climate Change in Switzerland” on 9 April 2014. This resolution includes, inter alia, the call for cooperation and coordination in order to be able to provide a comprehensive knowledge base for adapting to climate change.

In response to call of the Global Framework for Climate Services (GFCS) of the World Meteorological Organization (WMO) to establish national coordination mechanisms, Switzerland founded its National Centre for Climate Services (NCCS) in late 2015.

As a national coordination and innovation body, the NCCS develops and disseminates climate services. These services include the provision of data, information and advice on the range of possible measures, assistance with using and interpreting these, and networking between all actors in the climate services arena.

Vision and goals

The vision of the NCCS is “Climate services for a resilient Switzerland”. To make this vision a reality, the NCCS has set itself the following three primary goals:

  1. We bundle existing climate services
  2. We promote dialogue between actors
  3. We work together to develop and communicate tailored information, processes and solutions.


A compact NCCS strategy was jointly developed for the systematic implementation of the NCCS’ mandate. The NCCS strategy comprises the interdependent elements of vision, goals and fields of activity. All of the elements are interdependent.

NCCS strategic framework

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