Key messages

The Climate Scenarios CH2018 describe how our climate could change up to the middle of this century and beyond. “Dry summers”, “Heavy precipitation”, “More hot days”, and “Snow-Scarce Winters” are some of the expected consequences of unchecked climate change for Switzerland. The potential impact of global efforts to mitigate climate change – and the extent to which climate change would still affect Switzerland – is shown by the scenario “When climate change mitigation takes hold”. The Climate Scenarios combine simulations that use the latest climate models with observations of the trends thus far, providing the most accurate picture to date of our country’s future climate.

Dry summers

Vegetable grower Valérie is watering her cucumbers, as the soil is drier. Evaporation is increasing, and it is raining less often.

Heavy precipitation

Homeowner Urs is clearing out his cellar yet again, as extreme precipitation has become markedly more frequent and intense.

More hot days

Grandma Lucia can’t sleep, as heatwaves and hot days and nights have become more common and more extreme.

Snow-scarce winters

Gian is stuck on the grass, as winters are warmer and often bring rain instead of snow.

When climate change mitigation takes hold

Lowering the global emissions of greenhouse gases could curb future climate change. Approximately half of the potential changes in Switzerland’s climate could be avoided by the middle of the 21st century, two-thirds by the end of the century.

Last modification 31.10.2018

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