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Potential distribution of the most common woody plants in Swiss forests

Where do ecologically valuable or rare tree species, such as oaks or yews, grow? The Swiss Federal Institute for Forest, Snow and Landscape Research (WSL) has developed the first high-resolution online maps that can provide detailed answers to such questions for 56 woody species found in Swiss forests.

FORTE Future

Visualise long-term projections of Swiss forests with the FORTE Future app. Future distributions of habitat suitability and genetic mal-adaptation for various tree species are available.


Visualise the current condition of Swiss forests with the FORTE app. Filter data by tree species or by area through an intuitive user interface to assess heat and drought induced stress and the consequences for forest health.
Larvengänge des Buchdruckers

Simulated spread of the spruce bark beetle in Switzerland

Borkenkä presents current trends in bark beetle populations' distribution in Switzerland as well as the forecast spread of those populations up to the end of the year.
Verbreitungsgebiet der Buche in der Schweiz, erwartet bis 2080

PorTree – A portrait of Central European tree species for Switzerland

PorTree models the habitat suitability of major species of forest trees in Switzerland under the influence of climate change. It's a joint project run by the Swiss Federal Office for the Environment (FOEN) and WSL. – Information for forest management

The website provides key habitat information and presents the latest news on forest technology and silviculture, covering all the major forest themes.

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Priority themes: Forest functions and climate change

Climate change affects the forest functions, forest health, the distribution of tree species and the forest as carbon sink. Recommendations for adapted forest management are being developed.