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Climate services are becoming increasingly important, as the world seeks ways to preserve and improve the resilience of industry and society and be able to effectively mitigate climate change. This is why a wide range of climate services are being developed and offered in the countries that border Switzerland as well as across Europe. Here is a selection.

German Climate Preparedness Portal

To be prepared to deal with the impacts of climate change, it is important to be aware of data and facts about climate change and to know what action needs to be taken as a result.

With the German Climate Preparedness Portal, the German federal government supports municipalities, businesses and civil society with tailored information and tools to meet regional and sectoral challenges arising from climate change.

The portal pools data, guidelines, web tools and maps from the federal and state governments. The German Climate Preparedness Portal is dedicated to making the diverse, widely dispersed and sometimes difficult to find climate information and services related to climate change adaptation available. The information and services are presented clearly and can be filtered depending on the issue at hand. All of the services provided are up-to-date and freely available, and the content is reviewed by the Interministerial Working Group on Adaptation to Climate Change.

The central point of contact for all climate adaptation services on the German Climate Preparedness Portal is the KlimAdapt office, based in Climate Impacts and Adaptation (KomPass) within the German Environment Agency (Umweltbundesamt – UBA). The climate information services, i.e. meteorological and climate data for the past, present and future, are compiled by the partners in the Deutscher Klimadienst (DKD), or German Climate Service, which is part of the Germany's National Meteorological Service, the Deutscher Wetterdienst (DWD).

Climate Change Centre Austria (CCCA)

Climate Change Center Austria (CCCA) is a research network supported by the most important climate research institutions in Austria, which strengthens both climate and climate impact research, and advises society and politics on climate-relevant topics.

The CCCA Data Center represents the Austrian data infrastructure for the climate research community. It pursues an open data policy and thus enables the CCCA members to publish research data and make it available. The mission of the CCCA Data Center is to promote interoperable data services between the various research domains, such as regional climate modeling, impact and transformation research, and satellite earth observation, in-situ monitoring, etc. through operational data management to reduce redundancy and data loss.

Copernicus Climate Change Service C3S

The Copernicus Climate Change Service C3S of the European Commission supports scientists, political decision-makers and companies by providing quality-assured up-to-date information about past, present and future climate in Europe and the rest of the world. All of this information is brought together in the C3S Climate Data Store (CDS). The Climate Data Store offers easy access to a wealth of climate data records under one roof. An online toolbox is also offered, which provides users with the facility to create workflows and applications that suit their requirements.

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