Key messages

Forests perform many functions and provide services ranging from wood production, climate regulation, protection from natural hazards to providing habitat and recreational space. Changes in climate conditions can harm trees and forests, and affect crucial forests functions and services.

Impaired protective forests

Jean is a forester in the Valais. He is concerned about the state of his forests on slopes that protect roads and settlements from rockfall and avalanches.

Reduced forest recreation

Jogger Matteo now has to take care when running in the forest near dead standing spruce trees. More often his favourite routes in the Jura are closed due to forestry work.

Jeopardised timber production

Flurina is a forest owner in Grisons. She is concerned about the declining productivity of her trees and the implications for her income.

Forests of the future

In her research, forest ecologist Noemi finds that some tree species and species combinations will not be able to grow in the hotter and drier climate of the future.

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