NCCS-Impacts programme – Invitation to tender now open

In the NCCS programme «Decision Support for Dealing with Climate Change in Switzerland: a cross-sectoral approach» («NCCS-Impacts»), actionable climate services for the environment, economy and society will be developed from 2022 to 2025. A public invitation to tender for four projects was published in June 2022.

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The effects of climate change in Switzerland are already visible today and affect different sectors. According to the CH2018 climate change scenarios, climate change will continue unchecked without countermeasures to avoid global greenhouse gas emissions.. The aim of the NCCS programme «Decision Support for Dealing with Climate Change in Switzerland: a cross-sectoral approach» («NCCS-Impacts») is to develop user-oriented climate services as decision support for planning in the field of climate change mitigation and adaptation, by means of six projects. The programme is jointly supported by all NCCS members.

Public invitation to tender: June - August 2022

Between 2022 and 2025, several cross-sectoral and interlinked projects will be implemented, addressing the following topics in the context of climate change:

  • Global impacts
  • Ecosystem services
  • Human health and animal health
  • Costs of climate change
  • Socio-economic scenarios
  • Critical energy infrastructures

All projects will also include the two cross-cutting themes of 'social justice' and 'extreme events'.

For the four projects 'global impacts', 'ecosystem services', 'human health and animal health' and 'costs of climate change', an invitation to tender in open procedure was published on 9 June 2022, with the projects being tendered as individual lots. Bidders or bidding consortia from the research community and from industry are sought in order to develop and co-produce actionable climate services for the entire tendered project/lot. The deadline for submitting tenders is 26 August 2022.

The invitation to tender is administered through: (project number '(22145) 311')

Goals of NCCS-Impacts

The NCCS-Impacts programme pursues three overarching goals:

  1. systemic overview of the impacts of climate change on and in Switzerland and its key challenges for the environment, economy and society;
  2. broad availability and use of jointly produced climate services for the targeted and sustainable management of the risks and opportunities of climate change; and
  3. cross-sectoral support of the Confederation and all stakeholders in their future-oriented actions to address the challenges of climate change.

The programme hence contributes to closing the gap identified between basic scientific research and measures in the fields of climate adaptation and climate mitigation.

Graphic on the embedding of the NCCS programme in the climate management cycle.
Embedding of the NCCS programme in the climate management cycle.

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