Oeschger Centre for Climate Change Research

The interdisciplinary Oeschger Centre for Climate Change Research (OCCR) is one of the strategic centres of the University of Berne. As a leading climate change research centre, it brings together researchers from 14 institutes and four university departments.

The work of the OCCR researchers includes modelling of atmospheric dynamics.
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The Oeschger Centre serves as the umbrella for the collaboration of around 250 climate researchers from a wide range of disciplines at the University of Berne. Its members work at the points where physics, geography, biology, chemistry, history, economics and political science intersect. The traditional scientific disciplines constitute the basis for their research. The OCCR focuses on the impacts of climate change on people, the economy and ecosystems. The Mobiliar Lab for Natural Risks, which is part of the OCCR, investigates and quantifies regional climate risks, natural hazards and their implications. In addition to research, the OCCR is also dedicated to supporting young researchers. Its Graduate School of Climate Sciences offers a unique interdisciplinary Master's programme with an international focus (Climate Studies). The OCCR was founded in 2007 and bears the name of Hans Oeschger (1927-1998), a Bernese pioneer of modern climate research.

Priority themes with contributions from the University of Berne

CH2018 climate scenarios

CH2018 prepares climate change scenarios for Switzerland based on the latest climate model simulations, taking account of user needs.


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