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The Federal Office for the Environment (FOEN) is responsible for ensuring the sustainable use of natural resources such as soil, water, air, tranquillity and forests. It is responsible for protecting against natural hazards, protecting the environment and human health from excessive stresses, preserves biodiversity and landscape quality and is in charge of international environmental policy.

BAFU-Gebäude an der Papiermühlestrasse, Ittigen
FOEN headquarters at Papiermühlestrasse in Ittigen

Priority themes with FOEN participation

Hydrological principles of climate change

The core topic of the NCCS Hydro-CH2018 focusses on the water resources and their future development. The objective is to supply the necessary fundamental hydrological principles for adaptation.

The FOEN’s goals and duties

The Federal Office for the Environment (FOEN) is the federal centre of excellence for the environment.

In accordance with policy requirements, it pursues the following goals:

  • Long-term conservation and sustainable use of natural resources (soil, water, forest, air, climate, biological and landscape diversity) and the rectification of existing impairments
  • Protection of human life against excessive environmental impacts, in particular arising from noise, harmful organisms and substances, non-ionising radiation, waste and major accidents
  • Protection of human life and material assets against hydrological and geological natural hazards, specifically the risks posed by floods, earthquakes, avalanches, landslides, erosion and rockfall

The FOEN fulfils the following functions in pursuit of these goals:

  • It prepares the decisions necessary for a comprehensive and coherent policy on sustainable natural resource management and implements this policy. This encompasses, in particular, the sustainable use of natural resources and the protection of human life against natural hazards and the environment against excessive impacts.
  • As a basis for resource management it monitors the environment and provides information about the state of the environment and the possibilities for ensuring the balanced use and protection of natural resources.


The Federal Office for the Environment has put together the risks and opportunities and the options for adaptation to climate change in the following sectors: 


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Hydro-CH2018 web atlas

According to your selection criteria you get a wealth of graphics and the corresponding data. Available are future discharge data at different stations all over Switzerland.

HADES - Hydrological Atlas of Switzerland

The Hydrological Atlas of Switzerland (HADES) is a platform on the topic of water. The "Hydro-CH2018: Scenarios till 2100" platform was newly integrated as part of Hydro-CH2018.

Hydro-CH2018 datasets

A selection of datasets from the Hydro-CH2018 hydrologic scenarios is available for use in climate impact research and practice.

Hydrological data and forecasts of the FOEN

The Federal Office for the Environment (FOEN) operates the “Hydrological data and forecasts” website. This portal provides current and past hydrological data on rivers, lakes and groundwater in Switzerland as well as forecasts and flood warnings.

Online tool Adaptation to climate change for municipalities

The tool can be used to evaluate the risks of climate change in one's own municipality. It also shows concrete recommendations for action and successful examples from other municipalities.

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