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The Federal Office of Meteorology and Climatology MeteoSwiss is Switzerland’s national weather and climate service. Our public service makes a significant contribution to the security and wellbeing of the population. Our aim is to provide outstanding weather and climate services – both now and in the future, for Switzerland and the international community.

Operation Center 1 at Zurich Airport
Image of Operation Centre 1 at Zürich-Kloten Airport, the headquarters of MeteoSchweiz
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The development and cultivation of partnerships is an important part of the strategy of the Federal Office of Meteorology and Climatology MeteoSwiss. MeteoSwiss is a founding partner of the NCCS and hosts its secretariat.

In accordance with the Federal Council resolution on "Adaptation to Climate Change in Switzerland of 9th April 2014", MeteoSwiss is responsible for producing regular climate scenarios for Switzerland. In collaboration with the Centre for Climate Systems Modelling (C2SM) at ETH Zurich and the University of Berne, as well as with support from ProClim, MeteoSwiss is coordinating and developing the current climate scenarios CH2018 as a priority theme of the NCCS.

In addition, MeteoSwiss is also actively involved in the priority theme of “Extreme events and hazards”, as well as providing climate data and information for all the other priority themes of the NCCS.

Priority themes with contributions from MeteoSwiss

Climate Change and Civil Protection

Extreme climatic events and natural hazard processes: how representative scenarios for extreme climatic events can improve civil protection measures.

CH2018 climate scenarios

CH2018 prepares climate change scenarios for Switzerland based on the latest climate model simulations, taking account of user needs.



HADES - Hydrologischer Atlas der Schweiz

Der Hydrologische Atlas der Schweiz (HADES) ist eine Plattform zum Thema Wasser. Im Rahmen von Hydro-CH2018 wurde die Plattform «Hydro-CH2018: Szenarien bis 2100» neu integriert.

CH2018 web atlas

Based on your selection criteria, you are provided with a wide range of graphics and the associated data. Various climate parameters are available for measuring stations, regions or the whole of Switzerland.

CH2018 datasets

A number of datasets of the CH2018 scenarios are available for use in impact research and practical applications. Find here detailed information about these datasets, instructions for data access, as well as terms and conditions

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