Federal Office for Agriculture FOAG

The Federal Office for Agriculture (FOAG) is part of the Federal Department of Economic Affairs, Education and Research (EAERF). The FOAG promotes the sustainable production of high-quality agricultural goods in response to the market’s needs.

Headquarters FOAG
Headquarters of the Federal Office for Agriculture in Liebefeld, Berne.

According to the Federal Constitution, agriculture has the mandate to make a significant contribution to the provision of adequate food for the population, to the preservation of natural resources, to the maintenance of the cultural landscape and to the decentralised utilization of the territory. Agriculture manages more than one third of the country surface for the production of goods of plant and animal origin.

Climate is a key factor in food production. Information on the risks and opportunities associated with climate change helps the actors of the food sector to face the challenges. As a founding member of the NCCS, the FOAG supports the endowment of such climate Services.

Priority themes with contributions from FOAG

Crop pests

Climate plays a key role for the distribution and development of harmful organisms. Scenarios predicting future changes in the prevalence of pests and pathogens serve as a basis for planning adaptation measures in plant protection.


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Federal Office for Agriculture FOAG
Agro-environmental Systems and Nutrients

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